Motivating Students in studying Biology






The Cell, syllabus 4th to 6th week

What substances are we made of? What is their role? What characterizes this great entity we call a cell? There are billions of cells in our body so it does concern us how it is structured and how it functions! Our subject for sequence 2 will be to find out these things.

Sequence objectives

That students:

  • Recognize the main types of substances that make up an organism.

  • Can explain the role of the main types of substances.

  • Are familiar with osmosis and diffusion.

  • Get to know the cell in various ways.

  • Can explain orally and figuratively the type and function of the main cell organs.

  • Can describe various types of cells and name examples of specialisation and task division of cells in multi-cell organisms (tissue - organ - tract).

  • Adopt the modus operandi of working with a microscope.

  • Look individually for information on specific subject matters of the sequence.