Motivating Students in studying Biology

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The framework of the course is planned in such a way that all the students are enabled to use ICT in their studies.

The ICT-project in NÁT103 started in the fall semester of 2001, and it was continued in the spring semester of 2002.

Each semester was thoroughly planned, see the plan for the fall semester 2001 and the plan for the spring semester 2002 and plan the fall semester 2002.

The objectives of the course, the topics, teaching materials, assignments, workplans and the course's assessment can be found on these webpages.

Subject: Familiarization of biology's fundamental elements: Characteristics of life. Biochemistry. Structure of cells and organisms. The basic classification of the living world. Genetics. Ecology and environmentology.

According to the curriculum the course is divided into 5 three-week periods:

Líf - Life Science
Fruma - Cell Biology
Flokkun - Taxonomy
Erfðir - Genetics
Vist - Ecology

Exact working plans and objectives are made for each of the 5 working periods, both concerning the students' assignments and the teaching in the classroom.